i-searchseizureIn sentencing a health care provider convicted of a health care fraud offense, the judge will consider the Federal Sentencing Guidelines.

Although not mandatory, the Federal Sentencing Guidelines are instrumental in determining the sentence a person will receive. The seriousness with which the government views health care fraud is reflected in the 20% to 50% increase called for under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines for health care fraud offenses involving losses in excess of $1 million.

If you have been convicted of a health care fraud offense, Mark Greenberg will work to get you the shortest sentence possible under the law.

As your attorney, Mark S. Greenberg will conduct a thorough review of the case, the nature of the offense, your role in it, your background, any prior convictions or lack thereof, and any other relevant factors which might serve to mitigate your sentence. He will then use that information to resolve pre-sentencing disputes, to provide alternative interpretations of applicable sentencing guidelines and to encourage judicial discretion and the imposition of sentencing alternatives when applicable.
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